2018 Reading Challenge

I haven’t been making the best progress with my 2018 reading goals. I always have the best intentions; however, I seem to get caught up doing other things when I would rather be reading. While browsing the Web this morning I came across this article listing 7 ways to read morepexels-photo-775998.jpeg. I think trying some of these will help me accomplish my 75 book goal for the year.

Does anyone else have a huge reading goal for this year?


12 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenge”

    1. I’ve been thinking about joining Audible. It would be nice to listen while I play around in my vegetable garden. I would also love to read 100 books in a year, but I’m a juggling being a single mom and taking care of my mom and stepdad. They keep me busy! Lol. What is Librivox?


      1. LibriVox is a free audiobook service that has about probably a million titles on it and the titles are red by volunteers who volunteered to read the books from all over the world. They also have paid books as well that are best sellers that you can purchase it is awesome! I put on an audiobook when I’m doing the dishes I put on audiobook when I’m doing things that would ordinarily be boring as can be and when I do that and all of a sudden becomes not boring and something which benefits me and two ways my fine energy that I didn’t even know I had. I didn’t have a TV for quite some time and I swore by LibriVox it’s awesome.

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      2. Also, make sure you take advantage of ebook versions of a lot of text based books on Google Play Books as well. They will give you at least one or two chapters for nothing of any book in the world usually. That way you can see if you didn’t like it before you purchase it. Also with audible, which is really wonderful, they will let you share the entire book to anybody you want and they can accept it if it’s their first book from you.
        Pretty cool, huh?


      3. I’ve quite an extensive Library so I’m going through all of my books and going to be giving some to people and rethinking which ones I will keep and which ones I absolutely have to have the hardback with book and pages of but anything that’s text-based, I get on eBook or better yet if it’s in the incredible author like Joel Osteen, I make sure he’s reading it but I give the audiobook form. When you do that animates the book and makes it come to life.


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